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Why E-Z POOL®?

Pools need to be shocked regularly. They need algaecide. They need to be tested and balanced, especially if you want great-feeling water. A pool is also an investment, so we make sure it looks inviting and the finish doesn’t discolor, stain or build up white crusty scale. Pools also look amazing when you add a water clarifier. So… why buy, store, dose and apply all those different water care products?

With E-Z POOL®, say goodbye to complex chemistry, countless chemicals, and constant confusion. Designed with a perfect blend of science and simplicity, E-Z POOL® is a comprehensive water care program that ensures an unbeatable water quality with just a once-a-week application. Its unique formula combines a stable and powerful shock/oxidizer, an algaecide, clarifier, stain and scale preventers, water conditioner, and balancers all in one product. Your water looks remarkable and pool maintenance is easy.

E-Z POOL® not only simplifies pool care, but it can also lead to savings! Reduce the need for multiple chemicals and decrease the cost of pool maintenance.

Features & Benefits

Lower Your Chlorine Levels:

E-Z POOL® keeps water clean and crystal clear. It breaks down contaminants instantly so your chlorine doesn’t have to.

Algae Control Is Important:

Algae doesn’t stand a chance against E-Z POOL®. It contains a long-lasting algae control that prevents the outbreaks other pools can experience 1-2 times a year.

Prevent Scale Buildup:

Scale buildup is unsightly, corrosive and can be difficult and costly to remove. Regular weekly use of E-Z POOL® keeps your pool surfaces and equipment sparkling clean.

Clarifies & Conditions:

Say goodbye to waiting to swim and harsh chemical residue. E-Z POOL® clarifies and conditions water for a refreshing swim, while keeping hair, skin, and swimwear safe!

Balances Water:

Balance is key. E-Z POOL® helps maintain stable pool water balance, creating great-feeling water and reducing the need for excessive testing and multiple chemical additions.

Prevents Stains:

Keep Your Pool Finish Looking New! E-Z POOL® contains a strong metal control that prevents unsightly surface stains and water discoloration.

Opening or Closing Your Pool?

E-Z POOL® contains a powerful shock, clarifiers, algae and scale protection: everything your water needs for Fall and a successful Spring opening. 

Product of Choice for Pools with Automatic Covers

Chlorine shock products can be corrosive and prematurely wear automatic pool cover tracks, ropes and fabric. Using E-Z POOL® eliminates harmful chlorine gasses and allows you to close your safety cover just 15 minutes after adding.

Frequently Asked Questions

About E-Z POOL®

What is E-Z POOL®?

E-Z POOL® is simple to use. Immediately after adding to the pool, the fast-dissolving formula starts to work by oxidizing contaminants, preventing algae, conditioning and clarifying, inhibiting scale and maintaining overall water balance. E-Z POOL® effectively manages pH, total alkalinity and calcium hardness with just a once-a-week application. Because E-Z POOL® keeps the water clean, clear and balanced, your sanitizer is more efficient and you use fewer chemicals!

Do I need to use chlorine in an E-Z POOL®?

Yes! Follow the guidelines set forth by the chlorine manufacturer for dosage requirements.

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