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Shelf life with proper storage
Less phosphates, metals, and scaling
Hours to remarkably cleaner water!
Product Info

Why RevivePRO®

RevivePRO® is the ultimate pool care solution, ensuring a clear, clean swimming environment. Our proprietary formula is designed to tackle a range of common pool issues from metals and phosphates to scaling carbonates and organic debris. Compatible with any pool sanitizer, chemical, or finish, RevivePRO® is the versatile choice for all pool types and systems.

Whether you're handling a new pool start-up, a plaster/remodel job, a refill, a spring opening, or a severe algae clean-up, RevivePRO® has got you covered. It's also perfect for routine maintenance, keeping your pool in the best condition year-round.

With RevivePRO®, there's no waiting time. Dive right in after treatment – your pool is instantly ready and inviting for a swim.

Features & Benefits

Reduces Plaster Dust:

Effective in minimizing plaster dust in new pools and remodels

Removes Metals & Prevents Scale:

Prolongs equipment lifespan by preventing scale buildup and removing metals

Protects Against Stains:

RevivePRO® safeguards your pool surfaces from potential staining

Automatically Ensure Clarity

EZPoolPRO® comes in convenient feeder sizes for a continuous maintenance dose that will insure the clarity of the water remains.

Clear, Soft & Swim-Ready Water:
RevivePRO® is the superior water clarifier
Effective in High Chlorine Conditions:

Works efficiently even in chlorine levels up to 25ppm

Frequently Asked Questions


What is RevivePro®?

RevivePro® is a multi-action product that removes phosphates (algae food), metals including copper and iron, scaling carbonates, organic debris and other contaminants that cause cloudy water and stain pool surfaces. It’s fast-acting formula quickly clears the water without the need to pre-balance or pre-treat the pool.

How is RevivePro® packaged?

RevivePro® is conveniently packaged in 32oz ergonomic bottle with a hose-end sprayer top designed for even distribution over your entire pool. Also available in 1 gallon, 5 gallon and 30 gallon refill and automatic feed sizes.

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