Naturally restores water quality within hours of application

Less time and work cleaning your pool
Less phosphates, metals, and scaling
Hours to remarkably cleaner and clearer water!
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Remove the Cause of the Problem, Not the Symptom:

Has pool maintenance become a chore? Are you tired of constantly adding multiple chemicals to your pool to keep it problem-free and looking great? Clear your water fast and simplify regular maintenance with REVIVE!®

REVIVE!® is a groundbreaking multi-action product that removes phosphates, metals, scaling carbonates, and organic debris in just one application. It is perfect for spring openings, and even for the most severe algae cleanups. Need to clean and clear a murky green pool in a hurry, REVIVE!® has you covered!

The source water used to fill pools often contains unwanted dissolved elements, no matter if it comes from a well or your municipality. REVIVE!® is a must for new pool startups, renovations/refills, top-offs and an ideal treatment for preventing scale on salt system equipment, reduces new plaster dust and protecting new pool surfaces from stains.

REVIVE!® is compatible with all pool chemicals, sanitizers, and finishes. It is available in two convenient applications:

REVIVE!® START UP/CLEAN UP with a unique spray applicator that covers the entire surface of the pool, creating a heavy, easy-to-vacuum deposit.

REVIVE!® WEEKLY is the same great formula as REVIVE!® START UP/CLEAN UP in an easy-to-dose bottle.

Features & Benefits

The Fastest Swamp Pool Clean Up!

REVIVE!® START UP/CLEAN UP  quickly clears water of severe algae and organic debris.  

Spring START UP:

Opening the pool again? Don’t forget to add an initial dose of REVIVE!® START UP/CLEAN UP to strip any old and new water of the impurities and contaminants that can cause issues all season. 

Don’t Feed the Algae:

Phosphates are algae’s favorite food and promote growth. Use REVIVE!® START UP/CLEAN UP at fresh fill or pool opening to remove up to 2000ppb. REVIVE!® WEEKLY  is the product of choice for maintenance low phosphates. It’s cloud free formula does not require the use of an additional clarifier, like the other phosphate removal products.

Stain Protection:

Keep your pool surface looking pristine by protecting it from stains. Add REVIVE!® START UP/CLEAN UP for all fresh fills and at pool opening to remove up to 2ppm metals. Add REVIVE!® WEEKLY all season long and PREVENT staining and water discoloration instead of adding costly removal products.

Superior Water Clarity:

Use Revive!® WEEKLY to remove organic debris and finer particles keeping your water safe and sparkling clear.

Protect New Plaster:

REVIVE!® START UP/CLEAN UP treats 24,000 gallons and effectively prevents costly and time-consuming scale removal.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is REVIVE®?

Revive!® is a multi-action product that removes phosphates (algae food), metals including copper and iron, scaling carbonates, organic debris and other contaminants that cause cloudy water and stain pool surfaces. It’s fast-acting formula quickly clears the water without the need to pre-balance or pre-treat the pool.

How is REVIVE® packaged?

Revive!® is conveniently packaged in 32oz ergonomic bottle with a hose-end sprayer top designed for even distribution over your entire pool for fast clean up. Also available in 1 quart bottles for easy-to-apply weekly use.

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