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Product Info

Why PepperPRO™

PepperPRO™ is a unique product, tailored to meet the special requirements of salt water pools. Its function is to enhance the quality of water, safeguard pool equipment, curb corrosion, and make overall maintenance straightforward.

A distinct advantage of PepperPRO™ is that there's no waiting period for swimming after its application. It helps prolong the lifespan of the chlorine generator, thereby boosting its efficiency. This results in noticeably improved water clarity.

PepperPRO™ limits the instances of unstable pH levels that can cause problems. It also prevents the buildup of scale on generator cells, pool equipment, and surfaces, enhancing their durability. Furthermore, PepperPRO™ assists in maintaining low phosphate levels, thus contributing to a better pool environment.

Your Saltwater Pool Deserves the Best Care with PepperPRO™

Features & Benefits

Extend the Life of Your Chlorine Generator:

PepperPRO™ enhances the efficiency of your chlorine generator, helping you save on replacements and repairs.

Improve Sanitizer Effectiveness:

Clearer water for a safer and cleaner swim. Enjoy improved sanitizer performance for a pristine pool experience.

Limit Troublesome pH Fluctuations:

Enjoy fewer worries about unbalanced pH levels. PepperPRO™ maintains optimal pH, ensuring your pool is always safe and comfortable.

Prevent Scale Buildup:

Our formula prevents scale buildup on your generator cell, pool equipment, and surfaces, ensuring longer life and reducing maintenance needs.

Help Maintain Low Phosphate Levels:

Lower phosphate levels mean less algae and less scale. Swim in crystal-clear water every day!

Frequently Asked Questions

To help you get to know PepperPRO™ better, we've answered some frequently asked questions:

Do I still need acid when I'm using PepperPRO™?

PepperPRO™ helps control the higher pH associated with saltwater pools. However, you may still need a small amount of acid from time to time, especially if your pool has issues with circulation or chlorine demand, or if the chlorine generator has to run for longer periods.

Why did my chlorine level increase after using PepperPRO™?

PepperPRO™ contains a strong oxygen-based oxidizer that significantly lowers chlorine demand. If your chlorine generator is not adjusted to a lower setting after applying PepperPRO™, it could produce excessive chlorine.

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